Administration Ministries

Audio Visual Ministry

This is a ministry is in need of members and coordinators. The goal is to spread the good news of our ministry work here at St. Martha’s. This ministry also runs the projectors at mass. Please contact the office if you are interested.  

Emergency Preparedness Team

This new team is assisting in making sure our campus and personnel are prepared for any type of emergency or disaster. We will continue meeting monthly with the next step being preparing emergency supplies and emergency training for staff and leaders. Please contact the office if you are interested.  

Finance Council

This is a group of people knowledgeable in the area of finance. They help to advise the Pastor on how to keep the parish financially healthy. To ensure financial responsibility and good stewardship of funds. A monthly review is done by the Finance Committee. They receive reports on all income and expenses as mandated by Canon 535 of the code of Canon Law. They also prepare and monitor the annual budget. If you are interested in this council, please contact Kathy Spangler at

Gary Youmans

Fred Alvarez
Frank Lipman

Dan Maguire

Beatrice Oliva

Hispanic Council

This is an advisory team to the Pastor regarding the Spanish ministries and any specific cultural needs. The leaders of all Hispanic ministries meet bi-monthly. Contact Sal Mendez at for further information. 

Pastoral Council

Purpose: To assist the Pastoral Coordinator in discerning the will of God for the parish through the wisdom of the graced community. As a consultative body, the Pastoral Council helps: 
1. To articulate the mission and direction of the parish in the context of the vision of the diocese and the teaching of the universal church.
2. To weigh and set priorities in light of the parish mission and direction.
3. To promote the spiritual growth of the entire parish so that each person’s gift may be exercised for the benefit of all.
​4. To provide practical wisdom to the Pastoral Coordinator concerning pastoral issues and concerns. The Pastoral Council is recommended by Canon 536 of the Code of Canon Law. 
​Contact Gunnar Hedlund at 

SCRIP Program

Purpose: To raise funds for the parish through the sale of Scrip to the parishioners in the parish office on weekdays and before and after all weekend Masses. Scrip, in the form of gift certificates from local and national merchants, is used like cash. Scrip generates financial support for our parish.
Skills: sell gift certificates to raise funds for the parish. 
Qualifications: personable and outgoing, ability to conduct sales and cashier transactions. Training will be provided. 
Time Commitment: before and after weekend masses, parish office hours, and flexible scheduling according to your availability and Mass preferences.